In the winter of 2012, after almost a year, I met my good friend, Rakesh. After two rounds of Singha beer and laughing about our usual quota of jokes about “package”, “trunk (called dicky in India)” and “stepney (spare tire)”, he talked about a wild road adventure organized by a group in London called “The Adventurists”. One of the adventure, called “Mongol Rally”, involved a car ride from London to Ulanbatur, Mongolia. It wasn’t a race but a journey for charity.


To say I was intrigued would be an understatement. The thought of free spirits bunking work and going on an adventure in a desert is irresistible. What more could one want in Life ? As we left that evening, I promised to check out their website. It was filled with pictures of crazy men and women exploring the places they have never seen. I wasn’t sure I could do 10,000 miles trip spanning 15 countries, 5 mountain ranges and 3 deserts. I wasn’t that brave to attempt that but found another adventure in India, my home country, that required one to travel from deep southern India to the corner of North-East India. Sounded fairly easy and doable with home ground advantage.

And then I saw the clincher. In an Auto Rickshaw!!! A 7hp, glorified lawnmower!!!


Now that, is a wild adventure!

Before I knew, I picked up the phone and called Rakesh and we both signed up for it the very next day. A journey before the journey had begun.

This is our first big adventure together and we know, this won’t be our last. This website will be our home to share our joys, disappointments, preparation, interaction and above all, to document our whole journey. The fact that we are doing this for a great cause to provide clean drinking water to millions of kids around the world makes every sweat, blood and expected breakdowns, absolutely worthwhile and additionally supporting Care India in their efforts to provide education or the cost of education to girls, from underprivileged families, in India.

Every dollar you contribute, goes towards providing one bottle of clean drinking drinking or towards the cost of providing education to a girl in India.

Contribute to this great cause, join us in our wild adventure and above all, have fun!

We know we are going to have loads of it and our joy is in sharing it with every one of you!

For more information on what we got ourselves into , please read: The Who What Where How!