Why do we climb Mountains knowing we could plunge to our death ?Why do we Ski knowing we can get buried under an avalanche ? Why do we jump out of an Airplane knowing the parachute might fail on occasions ?

Perhaps,it’s because Man wants to break one’s limits. A sense of reaching a place we have never reached before within ourselves! An external manifestation of our internal quest to explore and seek. What do we seek that requires risking death ? Maybe truth. Maybe our core self. Our illusions. Our realities.And sometimes, just the joy of escaping into a new world!

Thus,we embark on an Autorickshaw adventure, having never driven one. The longest road trip of 15 days at a stretch, again, for the first time. We are seeking India, our home land! We are seeking our childhood sense of awe and adventure!

Will we find it ? We don’t know yet but we are on our way!