We’ve now come to that period of time before our Rickshaw Run kicks off when we start thinking about the innards of the Rickshaw and how to handle it or how much to let it man-handle us. The planning, the preparation is going well. We do have quite a few little items to cross off the To-do list, but nothing major at this time. Well, nothing major until we actually sit and think about what needs to be done, that is!

In the meantime, we are actively preparing to adapt our minds to the “rickshaw-driving’ mode. Extensive research is being done. Late nights and burning candles at both ends! Which reminds me. Why do people burn candles at both ends and not make a right old mess, I just don’t know. But then we’re mere humans.  Why don’t we just use the lights, you ask? Where’s the drama in that, I answer! And we digress. Where were we? Oh yes, the research. One of the items of our research was this very scientific video on YouTube – being our main source of information for our research. The distractions by other videos along the side are pretty awesome too! The video shows how the mundane, ordinary rickshaw travel is taken to the heights of the British Empire and it’s most famous Secret (is there any single thing still secret about him?) Agent, 007! I half expected Bond to stand up, as the Rickshaw crashed through the Billboard, and rattle off  ‘God save the Queen’ with a stiff one. Upper lip, I meant!

This is one way we shouldn’t drive the Rickshaw I guess. But then, who knows, we just might have to. Alas, though, we won’t have a Pierce flashing a Visa at us at the end of it. Nor a Lady in Red for that matter.

[youtube http://youtu.be/g4OL3rI9jkg]

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