Team Chutney Chungas have now implemented a Fan Hotline. This is a dedicated voicemail line. It is a US telephone number, so our many fans who don’t live within US may incur international call charges. Please check.

We would like our fans and supporters to use this voicemail to:

    • Share a few words of encouragement and support
    • Share any tips you think will help. Nothing can be too trivial or small. It’s not as if our adventure is ‘normal’!
    • Share tips on what we should carry with us and of course, what not to carry and anything we should not get up to once out there.
    • Share unusual stories or anecdotes of your own.
    • Inspire us.
    • Kick our butts even

Phone line details:

From within USA and Canada: (678) 824-2498
From outside USA & Canada: +1 678 824 2498

We will use all or some of the voicemails and incorporate them into our planned podcasts coming up soon.

So, go ahead, pick up that phone, press the buttons, leave us a voicemail. We’re waiting at the end of the line!