The organizers of this unique adventure – The Adventurists – very kindly throw in, for free, a complete paint job of the Rickshaw that will be assigned to us. Making it our own for the 21 days, it will butt-rattle us, as we hurtle up north from Cochin to It’s a long long way to Shillong. Not being very artistically creative, we called on the help of a friend, Vikram Nandwani of Verry India, in India to create the artwork for the livery showing the charities we’re supporting. After many email back and forth, Vikram came through and we’re quite happy with the outcome. We did push the Adventurists deadline a bit. The chaps very kindly made sure that the design reached Cochin and have the paint-job ordered. Due to some technical glitch, we were not able to load our design to the fancy 3D model. But we’re happy our design made it in time.

The livery design below. The top part of the image shows the front of the Rickshaw and the bottom part the rear and side of the Rickshaw. You’ll just have to visualize and imagine how the Rickshaw will look. The earliest we can get an actual photo would be when we’re actually on the ground in April.