For those not familiar with the Auto Rickshaw. It is a cheap form of transport in the metropolitan areas. It is considered to one better than travelling by the itinerant bus service and one less than travelling by it’s more expensive cousin, the taxi. For many, the Auto-Rickshaw is the favored mode of transport for it’s easy and convenience. Not the best in inclement weather, but that is a trade off for the economy of transport and convenience of it being easily available.

The metropolitan areas or small towns are the Auto Rickshaw’s comfort zone. It thrives on short three to fifteen minute jaunts on decent roads. It is for such conditions that the Auto Rickshaw has been designed and built. The creators of the Auto Rickshaw may never have envisaged the Little Lord of the Tarmac Jungle being put to a cross country 4000kms (2600miles) trip over roads and tracks that may not have seen a black stone, let alone a Tarmac! The Adventurists thought of and created this unique and extreme journey – The Rickshaw Run – and chose the Auto Rickshaw world’s finest specimens and prepared them to be the chariots for the ever eager warriors – The Rickshaw Runners. (Otherwise known as those that have severed all connections with anything sane!)

This little video shows the Rickshaw being put through a day of burning rubber over the City Tarmac Jungle. It also paints a vivid picture of what driving an Auto Rickshaw entails. From the hand jerk start, to the patch up job repair of unforeseen, inopportune breakdowns. I particularly liked how the creator of this animation has captured the driver and how he actually lives in the Rickshaw. Again, akin to what both of us, will practically be doing on the Rickshaw Run.