One of my most gut-wrenching film I have ever seen is 2007 Romanian movie, “4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 days“.

In that movie, there is a scene where one of the university student says looking at her pregnant friend,”If only we had thought of that a month ago!”.

We are at that stage now.

Our charity efforts are slowly coming to an end. We are very close to reaching CareIndia Charity Goal but FrankWater has some way to reach.

Question No.1.

Have you guys booked the tickets ?

Tickets to India from US, booked. Tickets within India,i.e, Banglore to Cochin, Guwahati to Delhi/Banglore- Pending.

Question No.2.

Where will you guys be staying ?

Hotels-Depending on where the auto stalls,we hope there will be a decent hotel nearby. If not, we will be staying in the King Suite of hotel “RIckshaw Palace”!

Question No.3.

How are you going to capture your trip ?

Video Plan- We are planning to get a GoPro Camera rigged in the Rickshaw. Rakesh has a great idea of 6ft pole that can potentially capture the whole rickshaw with us driving and do a 360-degree panaromic shots. We will see how it actually works on the ground.

Photography- I will be carrying my Canon 60D with 17-55mm f2.8. Rest of my lenses will have to stay back. iPhone 5-64GB will be the backup camera for both pictures/Videos. A 32GB iPad. Over 128GB in Memory cards.A 120GB Hyperdrive for backup.

Apart from the above 3 questions, we have the below items to consider.

Bum Protection – Have looked at various cushions but decided to consult the many “Specialized bums” who ride this great Automobile everyday in India 😉

Rain Protection – Same as above.

There is no truck or traffic protection 😉

I am reaching India a week early to get myself acclimatized to “Mera Desh”(my country) to which i haven’t been in almost 14yrs.(The two week sojourn of 2006 doesn’t count).

We are trying to keep an “Indian Mindset” which can be summarized in two wonderful hindi words.

“Dekha Jayega”(We’ll see”).

To be certain of anything is anathema to our culture. That’s why the concept of Karma and fate is so popular among our countrymen.

Feel free to drop us a line on “Indian things” that we might not have considered!

As always, the real joy is in sharing all this confusion, frustration and unfettered joy with you folks!