Rama first wrote me up as a GoPro obsessed. And I, very proudly, accept and stand by that adjective.

For those who know what a GoPro camera is, how could you not be obsessed with it. It is the smallest bag of tricks around. Might be difficult to pinpoint what it can’t do. I’ve been looking at many videos captured with GoPro camera. All engrossing. All just the best around. But for me, the best use of the GoPro camera is on this video taken by GoPro mounted on a long wooden pole. This particular video is of another Adventurists’ Extreme Adventure for Charity – The MotoTaxi Junket – which happens in picturesque Peru.

Here’s the video. Your eyes will pop out, your heart beat will start racing, you will be in Excited mode. Fair warning!

[youtube http://youtu.be/kBfUp5tveg0]