Countdown: 24 days.
India Travel: 11 days

Some days your mind starts thinking about the things that are still pending; things that haven’t even been thought. Things that have been thought of but marked as something that requires “more time to think” at a later point.

How to rig the auto Rickshaw with audio without sucking the power ? Should I really carry my DSLR or just a point&shoot camera ? Do I really need that Hepatitis B shot that costs extra $150 ? What happens if we get pulled over by Indian police at state border ? Do you get away with usual “My uncle is Police commissioner” or do you bribe them ? What is nominal bribe amount ? How to deal with dirty toilets ? Should I carry room fresheners? What questions do I ask strangers to know about life ? How to condition the mind to not stop the vehicle if we hit something ? How to act like you are poor if threatened by dacoits in Orissa/Chattisgarh border ?

As the million questions arrive at you faster than the average Rickshaw speed,you pause and ask the most important question of all.

Why ? Why did you decide to drive across India ?

That answer has always been clear.

I want to experience my motherland,her people, her places, her changes, her constants, her living spirit, her dying hopes, her unpretentious joi de vivre, her sense of being alive, being resigned, being accepted, her frustrations, her immense raw beauty, extraordinary courage, extreme apathy, senseless inhumanity and the overall connective tissue that binds them all,including myself!

All the million questions vanish in a second.

I am ready for an adventure of my country to experience the paradox that i call my homeland. It is personal.I know it will be harsh.

Just like family,I know I will be itching to get the hell out of there when certain things bother me,but then again,like family,it is still home! The logical mind has no place in family or your home country.It is driven mostly by heart.

And any adventure undertaken with heart, will stay the course, whole-heartedly, along with every break-down on the way!

~ Rama