I wrote about the Visa Application ritual I went through.

Here’s an update:


Travisa called me the next day after receiving my application. I gather this was only because I had paid the addtional ‘Priority Rush’ fee! Thank Heavens I did that.

Travisa: “Indian consulate takes 7-10days to process the visa. Which means, your passport will be released to Travisa on or before March 27”

Me: After some smelling salts to revive me; “But I leave on that weekend! And I paid the Priority Rush fees too”

Travisa: “Yes, Priority Rush fee is for instant processing by Travisa. No, India does not have any ‘Priority Rush’ option.”

Now back to praying to the Gods of all shapes, sizes and forms right up to the time the Passport and that very important – almost Bullion – visa is delivered into my hands.