Based on feedback from previous Rickshaw Runners via Facebook, Blogs and articles, we have decided on carrying a certain number of items with us from the US. These items will in no way improve the comfort or make the adventure any easier or relaxed. These items are, what we call, Pre-Launch items. These items have been bought, collected and are ready to go!

  • Bungee Cords: These are the elastic stretching cords with hooks at each end. These will help in tying down our cases andbungee lugggage the roof rack. The shorter one will also be used to provide extra anchoring and support at the mounting points where the roof rack is mounted on the top of the main frame of the rickshaw. A few extra cords will come to use for stop gap tying down of any equipment (as in engine or exhaust) after a breakdown. And also for tying down any luggage or equipment inside the passenger section.
  • Cable Ties: These will mainly be used to tie down cables/wires. Many of the previous Rickshaw Runners have strongly recommended this item and the following item.
  • Duct Tape: There is a collective consensus on this item. “Forget anything, but don’t forget Duct Tape”; Most, if not all, previous Rickshaw Runners seem to strongly suggest.
  • WD40: The can of Magic. Helps in loosening tight bolts, drying up all moisture. And makes us look that much more professional and oh so clever!
  • Gloves: These are mainly for the possibility, a strong one at that, of having to handle a hot exhaust or engine.cabletie
  • Disposable Gloves: There will be times when we will need to refuel, where there may not be any Petrol (Gas, as we know it to be in USA) filling stations. For such times, we will be carrying a Jerry can of the Petrol and Oil mixture and a funnel. The disposable gloves will help in protecting our hands from the petrol fumes and smell.
  • Dust Masks: I very much doubt that we will need to use these. On the rare sections or times where the roads are very dusty or we’re stuck behind a vehicle throwing up a dust storm right into our eyes, ears, nose and any other orifice that might be exposed. (I bloody well hope not!)
  • Spare Battery: This will run our Audio system. We plan to run an Amp with Aux input for sound via iPod/iPhone. We have a setup where the iPod/iPhone will also draw recharge power from the battery. The sound will be pushed through 2 speakers which we expect to set in place in front of the handlebars. Like all things, RickshawRun, ‘That’s the plan’. Whether it works or not, can best be seen once on the ground in Chaos Central Cochin.
  • Side ‘Rain Screens’:  This item is for the few days that we may get rain. Last year, Rickshaw Runners had experience severe thunderstorms with hail. So we thought we’d be wise in rigging these Side Rain Screens. Rama will be in Bangalore for a few days before I get to Cochin. He’ll try  to get some Tarp cut to the approximate size of the openings on the side – mainly for the passenger section. The Tarp will then be ‘hung’ with cable ties to the Rickshaw frame tubing. 

~ Rakesh

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