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Yesterday late morning, while I was in a meeting I got a call from Travisa – the visa people – leaving me a message to call back ‘as soon as possible’. Seeing a missed call from Travisa followed by a voicemail asking for a call back seemed to point to one thing and one thing only. Problems. Went through a mini-panic attack, to say the least. Few deep breaths. Composure. Let’s make that call.

Half expecting a long wait on hold, I cleared some time and made the call. Surprisingly, had to choose just one option and magically, a human voice answers on the second ring. The advantages of paying a little more to get ‘priority’ attention. Standard service fee payers wouldn’t have received the call in the first place, never mind getting through on one ring.

Anyhow, man respectfully answers and proclaims, “Mr Rakesh, I have some news for you. Your visa has arrived and I have your passport right here in my hands.” You will, I’m sure understand my jaw dropping to the table and me staring at the phone in snoopydisbelief. I asked him to say that again. I could here a smile in the repetition! Indeed, the passport was ready to dispatched and the reason for the call was to confirm the address and the Courier tracking number.

What wonderful news. Even so, not wanting to tempt fate, I decided not to explode into a happy Snoopy kind of dance in the office. For one thing, I couldn’t do a good Snoopy imitation and nor had the passport actually dropped into my hands yet. I had to see it, literally, to believe it and make sure I had the right dates on the visa etc. So composure was called upon.

photoHaving tracked the package, as it made it’s way from Travisa along it’s merry way to me, I finally got the notification that the package had been delivered. Upon my return from office, i gingerly opened the package, fearing that any sudden movement might scare the visa into disappearing. Yes, anything India visa related elicits the most irrational behavior. Don’t believe me? Ask around. I digress. Yes. Visa is well and truly issued. It’s all good. I now have permission to fly to India. Houston, begin the Final Countdown.

A quick thanks to the Gods of all shapes, sizes and forms for delivering the Passport and visa into my hands.

~ Rakesh