Yesterday, I received an envelope from all the way across the pond, from England. From Senior Mr Rao. I do believe and say this without any bias, Senior Mr Rao is probably the most avid and enthusiastic follower of our adventure. There’s always that word of support, the encouragement and the ‘participation’ in our preparation and planning. His efforts have also resulted  in numerous contributions coming through. For which I and Team Chutney Chungas are very grateful. The envelope received is one such example.

The envelope contained two large Red Dot stickers. For a moment, I was a bit confused as to why he would have sent me this. ThenSeeBeSeen I caught the note saying that these were ‘Radium’ – a term common in India for fluorescent – that which shines when light is thrown at it. The note also added that these Red Stickers should be stuck on our Rickshaw. These would help in making our Rickshaw that much more visible during the dusk/twilight hours. At this time, we do not plan to drive during the night. But as always, that’s the plan. Whether we’ll be allowed to stick to these plans is anybody’s guess.

Asides, the picture of the envelope also shows the words ‘Safari Njema‘. These words are from the East African/Tanzanian language – Swahili. Safari being Journey. Njema being good/happy. Thus wishing us a Good, Safe Journey.

Thank you, Senior Raos. It will be quite a journey. Asante Sana. (Thank you very much!)

~ Rakesh