20130323-225018.jpgIn the constant chatter on the Facebook Group of the RickshawRun participants, two road (printed) atlases were regularly suggested. One was a local Indian publication, Eicher India Road Atlas and the other from the popular Lonely Planet Publication Group – India & Bangladesh Travel Atlas.

Rama will probably be getting the Eicher Atlas from India. Just in case and as a backup, I thought we’d get the Lonely Planet Atlas also.

Strangely the Lonely Planet website didn’t show this Atlas. Perhaps out of print. Next resort, Amazon. No luck there either. If it was available, delivery time was too long. Fall back on eBay.
Pleased to find a Book seller store in Ohio which had a good condition book with a quick delivery time. 5-7 day shipping time turned out to be 2 days and we now have the book in hand.

This will help us stay on track and be able to better plan and decide on possible deviations from original planned route.

~ Rakesh