Yesterday, we had a visit from a dear friend, very much family now – Yash with his family. Yash and the entire family have been keen followers of our Chutney Chungas Rickshaw Run journey. So much so that the visit yesterday was to wish us all the very best and to remind us to bring back memories that we can talk about over a meal for many an evenings in future. However our actual adventure goes, the memories it will create will be a treasure trove. Bragging rights for life! As also, bragging rights for Life!

As a token of his wishes, Yash, very thoughtfully, presented us with a Compass. Not the iphone App! No. This is the real compass, complete with ‘North’ and that magical pointer which always finds North! This would be our true true last resort item to keep us on the right track. We believe, we should be fairly prepared with road maps, atlases, the people along the way directing us to ‘keep going straight’. If all these fail us in some way or form, we’ll just need to work out the general North Easterly direction from this Compass and hope to high heavens that the ocean waters or the Bangladesh doesn’t come in the way!

Thank you, Yash, A and P! For your wishes. For your support. For your belief in Team Chutney Chungas.

Thank you!

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