Once Ram came in from the airport, we did a quick wall around of Fort Kochi area. With a few Kodak moment opportunities along the harbor. We also connected with a couple of RickshawRun Teams on Facebook.

Ram & I took an Executive Decision – taking all of five minutes to move to a more convenient hotel and one which was better appointed and cost a lot less. Once back from our walk about, we decided to move our luggage & equipment to the new hotel. We had to hire a Rickshaw and in doing so, we also connected with a mechanic known to the Rickshaw driver, who could help us get our Rickshaw looked through and set up. Plan being that the Rickshaw would be brought over to his repair ‘stall’ and any fittings, adjustments be completed by 4pm. That being the plan!

Over our Lunch & Dinner at the Seafood Harbour Restaurant we struck up interesting conversations with tourists visiting Cochin/India. Over lunch we met a ‘retired’ teacher from Australia & and a young man from Germany. Both amazed when they heard about the reason we were in Cochin. The Rickshaw Run.

Over dinner, a young man from Norway came over and asked if he could join us. He was on his 2nd Gap Year. He wanted to travel and experience India from closer than a mere tourist. To that end, he bought a motorcycle here in India and plans to travel as and when he pleases. That he is doing this is commendable. A wealth of knowledge in the experiences he will go through and the people he will meet.

Before dinner, we decided to see a Kathakali show at the local Kerala Kathakali Center. It was interesting with explanations of the colors used on the faces of the characters and their significance, the various facial expressions, the mudras and how these things combine to create a story.

All in all, an eventful first day in Cochin.

~ Rakesh