Batman has Batmobile!

James Bond has Aston Martin!

And the Chutney Chungas now has, “Chunga Wagon”!

Today is the official final registration. This registration is to make sure that you are not just a talker but also bold enough to make the trip to Cochin and willingly signing your life away. The 11 am registration promptly started at 1pm. That gave us enough time to meet the other brave warriors.

Considering Rakesh has taken over the FB and Twitter page, everyone recognized the Chutney Chungas team immediately. We met teams from Newzealand, England, Australia, US and Mongolia.

One of the US teams mistook us for official Rickshaw mechanics. We indulged them for about five minutes asking whether they will pay us in Dollars or Indian Rupees. As they got ready to pay, we felt it was probably time to let them know we are one of the teams.

Our design has come out quite well. The little girl with book is very prominent, thanks to our friend and supporter, Vikram Nandhwani who did an amazing job with that drawing. We know that the message of girls education will be spread far and wide as we drive through India.

We are waiting for the Rickshaw keys to be handed to us so we can do the audio speaker fitting and make sure the engine works;)

More updates later!