The truth is little stories make the big story and your big story is part of someone else’s little story. So is our Rickshaw Run journey. The stories of the people we meet make our big story and we know our moments with them is small story in their own life story. Last night, during dinner, the Chungas discovered one such story. The “Love,Spice & Harry Potter” story of Ado & Sophia!

Ado joined big Malabar Hotel as front office manager six years ago.He found he has a way with satisfying customers, especially Foreign tourists. He just didn’t sit behind his desk all day. He learnt how all the departments functioned and came together to serve the customers. He picked up on things that would make for better experience. As few years passed, he realized he can do this business of running a Hotel much better than others in the area. He decided to open his very own hotel but he still had a long way to go. He knew his pleasing personality, very affable nature and above all, his genuine, caring smile will take him to success in his new venture.

As he decided to leave his big hotel, a young,beautiful, talented girl joined his office.Her name was Sophia. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She brightened his dull days during off-season and he knew he was in love within no time. He wanted to quit but that would mean not seeing her everyday. He was now more determined to open his dream hotel and imagined being married to her and running their dream place together. She fed his dreams everyday as they spent more time planning in God’s own country. They knew it was God’s work that they were brought together.

After a year of courtship, Ado proposed to Sophia D’zousa. They married in a grand ceremony.

They learnt the joys and struggles of married life as they were also saving up for their dream venture but knew what mattered most was their love for each other. Sophia made him watch all the Harry Potter movies even though Ado would rather watch the action movies. He relented for her every time. They were blessed with a healthy, smiling baby boy after a year. Sophia named him Harry appropriately and Ado could convince his large extended family with that name as it was also his Grandfather’s name.

Finally, an Italian restaurant went out of business in the tourist hotspot. Ado decided it was time to take action. He put his savings and bought the place immediately.

In July 2013, Ado & Sophia,started a new chapter of their dream story as “MasalaFort Hotel” was born. They decided to serve all kinds of good- South Indian, North Indian, Kerala style and many others. They wanted to give more food choices for the customer walking on the street to enter their dream hotel. Sophia realized that with baby Harry, she can’t help him in their dream hotel without having someone to take care of her baby. She found a live-in Nanny that made her fulfill the duties of owner even though the Nanny is very bossy with her. She has to split her duties between her young baby, Harry and her big baby, Ado!

They decided to have free wifi in their hotel which was an added bonus to their great food to their customers. “Masala Fort” also has inexpensive A/C and Non A/C rooms for backpackers.

The Chungas were happy to spend their dinner in the company of such wonderful people.We left their hotel having tasted a delicious Chicken curry with appam and Biryani with our stomachs full and our hearts filled.

We wish all the success and luck to Ado & Sophia in their dream venture and life together! Thanks a ton for sharing your beautiful story.

And if you are in Fort Cochin, do not forget to check out Masala Fort!