When we first received our Rickshaw a days ago, the actual size and the mounting of the Roof Rack was one of the things that concerned me. It was smaller than I thought it would be and the mountings to the frame of the Rickshaw were far from sturdy.

Add to that a very specific warning in the event Hand Book:

The Rickshaw has a Roof Rack. But don’t use it. It is shit and will break and make you Top- Heavy

Couldn’t be any clearer than that.

We would certainly need to use it, but seemed that a reduction / downsize of the items we were carrying was going to be required.

Rama had flown into India – a week before I did – into Bangalore. He will be going back to Bangalore after the Run and flies out from there to USA. Giving him the advantage of being able to carry just enough items for the Run itself. I flew in with a few days before and after the actual Run days and had to carry a few extra non-Run specific things, necessitating a larger – but still smaller – bag size. A Roller Duffel which I thought would be just right, now appears to be too big and inconvenient.. Fortunately, I had a larger sized empty Backpack tucked away – ‘just in case’.

Decent – non-Run – travel clothes and other related such items will now be packed in the Roller Duffel Bag and shipped off to Delhi – I fly back to USA from Delhi. I will then carry the Backpack on the Run, complete the Run, reunite my Roller Duffel in Delhi, repack and then fly out back home.

That shall be the main task today.

( Photos to follow)

~ Rakesh