Hit our first Technological snag in our multi media collection & storage process.

It was planned that the photos, videos collected via the SD cards of our cameras could be transferred over to the iPad using the Camera Connection Kit. From the iPad, it would be easy to share the images via the Social Networks – Facebook, Twitter etc.

We found out last night that the iPad does not support the format of the SD cards. We needed to reformat the SD cards. Not having a computer with us, that’s not a possibility.

We put in to play a little bit of the Indian ‘Jugaad’ like workaround. Instead of pulling the SD Cards out of the cameras, we would connect the Cameras via USB and the USB Camera Connection Kit of the iPad. Tried. Tested. A-OK!

Now, one of the Cameras – a GoPro – uses too much power. Because of this the GoPro cannot be connected to the iPad. On this issue, we would need to take the GoPro SD Card, insert into the camera that can connect to iPad – a Canon and import into iPad to share.

The video format of the GoPro is not recognized by the Canon. The video clips cannot be imported into iPad. Sadly. A GoPro camera pulls amazing video.

If any of you out there have any ideas, please share.