On the first day – April 3 – when we walked up to the small grounds of the United Club, we nearly missed our Rickshaw. We were expecting a White & Red front per the design we had submitted. The Adventurists had warned us that the result may be ‘slightly off’ from the intended design. After all this, dear friends, is India. Incredible India! Where, if you expect the expected, you’re probably in the wrong country. However hard you try, schedules do not apply here. With that in mind, we loved our Rickshaw and moved merrily along.

Rama has posted our 1st day notes earlier. Sharing this short video of the Rides aka Tuk-Tuks aka Rickshaws aka Shaws aka ‘That metal bucket over a lawn-mower engine’. These were just the few that were ready and waiting for the rest of the machines to be chauffeured in.