Location: Cochin Fort Restaurant/ Bar
Bartender/Server comes to take our order.

Rakesh: What’s your Name ?
Alistair: Alistair
Rama: Like Alistair McLean
Alistair:Alistair Francis
Rama: Cool
Rakesh:So, do you know what we are here for ?
Alistair: Rickshaw Run ?
Rakesh: Yes..Want to join our team ?(Patronizing tone)
Alistair: No..I am done with those things.
Rakesh: (Mockingly) What do you mean done ? Chalo Hamare Saath..(Come along with us)
Alistair: I did a Motorbike trip from Kanyakumari to Jammu Kashmir for six months..I am done..
Rakesh,Rama- both resembling Jim Carrey Mask character’s Jaw on the table.

Yes. We didn’t expect a waiter to have done a cross country motorbike trip from southern most tip of India to Northern most point.

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