Reached Coimbatore at around 9:15. We thought that we had lost a bit of time and distance, due to the traffic jam coming into Palghat. After crunching out the numbers, we didn’t really do that badly. The final 2hr push from Palghat to Coimbatore helped.

Palghat to Coimbatore saw our 1st night drive. It was dusk by the time we left Palghat. The initial stretch of a few kms was a decent patch of road. After that, not only was there a lot of heavy traffic the roads were substantially less than decent. The combination of oncoming super high beams and the nearly invisible potholes the size of a football field, did put us thru some ‘concerning’ moments. On the whole, it wasn’t something that I wasn’t used to. Although driving a Rickshaw can no way compare to driving a car.

Kavita is one of our very dear friend back in Atlanta. Her parents live in Coimbatore. We had the advantage of her father helping us find a hotel and was very helpful with local information. That saved us a lot of time.

Dinner and then calls back home and turn in for the night. A long day ahead anticipated.