April 7, 2013
Cochin, Kerala, India

The day is here. All those months of fund-raising, planning, thinking, over thinking, and anticipating. All comes down to today. All for that moment in a few hours when we set out on, at this time, an adventure of a lifetime.

Please wish us luck, an abundance of which we need, and support us right through to the finish line in Shillong, Meghalaya, India.

~ Rakesh

Talk is over! Pre-show reel is over! It’s time for the real movie to begin. A bumpy, crazy, unplanned interval filled, unexpected action filled, emotional and literal roller coaster ride across our great motherland begins! Join us on this untold, unfolding story our journey. With your cheers,laughter and moral support, we are sure we will make it to Shillong sharing along the way and left with enough stories to share for years to come, we hope! As our personal Olympics begin, let’s scream together,”Let the Games Begin….!”

P.S: Do not forget to DVR Game of Thrones for us when we return;)