A local auto driver helped find this hotel Hotel Sujatha – recommended by him.

Ram went in a registered for two rooms. One for Chutney Chungas and one for Two Man Disaster. All this time, Two Man Disaster were standing outside the hotel watching over the Rickshaws and the luggage. The moment Jason walked in to sign in, the manager refused a room to them since they did not have a local Anantpur address. No. Neither did we. Not an Anantpur address. And to top it all, Jason lives in Hyderabad and had proof of address in Hyderabad.

Absolutely ridiculous. We refused to take our room also, in solidarity and to make a statement against the obvious and blatant bias.

Husain, the auto driver, helped find another ‘not so good’ hotel. Hotel Umravathi. This is that hotel that we planned for when we bought the sleeping bag liner sheets just so that we do not have to ‘sleep’ on the sheets. This is a last resort – get a bed & a place to wash up quickly and get the hell out as soon as possible.