Distance covered today: 360
Total distance covered: 808

Mysore – Bangalore Highway:
Pretty good run. Most of the distance driven by Rama.

It was wonderful to meet Monk Mani – ChutneyChungas 3rd mad member. However due to the Toll road delays and having to go through Bangalore, I estimate approx 80kms drive time lost. Not much, you might think, but that would make the difference between stopping at a God-forsaken place such as Anantpur or pushing through to the more traveller friendly, Kurnool. Regroup. React. Readjust. That is the RickshawRun.

You know the story!
Photo shows the nicer people of Anantpur. Helped fix a fellow Rickshaw Run team – Two Man Disaster – Clint/Jason. They absolutely refused any money for the help. ‘This is our job’.

~ Rakesh