Yes. He is my brother. No. We were not separated at birth. Yes.He looks like my Dad and I look like my Mom.Yes. That’s why I have a goatee so I don’t look like a mirror image of my Mom. Anymore questions ? Yes.He is more stylish than me and his ride is lot cooler than my GS Suzuki. No. It’S just 200CC and my GS would beat him in second gear.No. He is not single.Yes.He loves and works for Samsung which means if he wasn’t blood related, I would have divorced him.No.I am not answering anymore questions about my brother.

Adios Amigos!

P.S: Your greatest contribution of Sygic India Map to Team Chutney Chungas has saved our asses way too many times in three days to count. A Big Thank You for that Badass Bro!