And after three and half hours of real test of grit and patience during peak Hyderabad traffic with Sygic map taking us on a wild goose chase inside the city,where some areas of turn left in the GPS has been blocked by traffic police,being pulled over again by traffic cop trying to intimidate us with “where is the No objection certificate for Hyderabad ?”,switching to Google maps on 3G,on to long empty road to Warangal!

To say Rakesh Is a road warrior would be an understatement. The way he blocked and tackled every missile that came from all directions in Charminar, he deserves the title of “General” of Chunga Wagon!

Thanks a ton my friend for driving non stop from afternoon as I caught up on my much needed sleep! Let’s hope we get a decent place to recuperate tonight! Only 3200kms to go!