Distance covered today: 130kms

We were able to put in a much needed night rest last night after driving a seriously bad single track road into Waranagal. I have driven similarly night drives in the past, in India. But driving a car with full functioning lights is far far different than driving and under-powered lawnmower with a headlight and flashlight would put to shame! Anyhow, the beds were welcome and sleep was restful.

Rama has written about our visit the the Seethampet FRANK Water Project. I have to be honest here and say that thinking about practically a day used up over the FRANK Water project visit, I was having doubts if the visit was worth the driving time lost. As we learnt about the project, the concept and all the benefits from that, I was glad that we were able to make it here. The warmth of the people, (especially remember an 8th Grader girl, Anusha – the beaming innocent smiles, the joy in the eyes! Indeed the visit made it all worth it.

We met some wonderful people. Doing what they do with a heart and not just because it’s their jobs.

When we set out at 3:15pm – I had hoped to push through to at least 200+ kms with a stop at dusk in a town called Sathupally. The going was a bit slow and by the time we reached Khammam, some 90 Kms short of Sathupally, it was already dark and the best thing was to check in to a hotel for the night.

Another chance to put in an early night, and get on the road before sunrise.

Next target is Vizag – Vishakhapatnam. A 400kms drive. I’d like to push through and try and reach Vizag late afternoon, early evening and rest up for another 5am-ish start the following morning.