April 13, 2013 | Saturday | Day 07

As I came down for breakfast, I look through the entrance and find a ‘custom’ painted auto waiting outside with some tired and haggard, but familiar, faces. It was Team Chang!

They had come in to Vizag in the early hours of the morning and had put in some slumber time on the beach a la Beach Bums. Their Rickshaw had lost the exhaust or ‘silencer’ and made quite a racket!

Another team – Pink Rickshaw – we found and I later met briefly, checked in around 11:30pm yesterday and they seem to have some serious gear cable/gear box problems.

These teams will probably be holed up in Vizag for the day. As we crack on to Puri, via Satapada.

As I write this, sitting in the back, while Ram drives, I can feel the heat. Seems unusually warm today. It’s only 100° F, with a low of 74°F! But does feel pretty warm.

~ Rakesh