When we last stopped for petrol, the attendant suggested a nice authentic Punjabi Dhaba called Sher-E-Punjab, supposed to be 20-25 Kms on the way to Kolkata.

Off we set. As expected, the estimation of time and / or distance was predictably way off. Neither the Sher (Lion), nor the Punjab turned up. All of a sudden, like an oasis in the desert, this new ‘modern’ Dhaba loomed up, invitingly. Glass front, secure parking, the whole nine yards. How could I resist !

A typically ‘multi-cuisine’ menu. Long list of juices but just none of the fresh ones available. Restrooms (bathrooms or toilets as they are fondly referred to in India) are clean and without any unwelcome ‘fragrances’.

Seemed to be a good family choice of restaurant. There must be a nearby large town. That must the catchment area for customers.

The Staff outside told us that about 5-6 Rickshaws went by about an hour or two ago. I believe this is a convoy of Rickshaws which has been traveling together right from Cochin.

At the hotel we stayed at we were told that another Rickshaw team stayed at the hotel the previous night. A day ahead of us.

Seems the final stages is seeing all the Rickshaws converging to Siliguri. Which ever route was taken out of Cochin, Siliguri is that single point where every team will need to pass through. Interesting times here on in.