How would our life be if we were able to rewind the parts that our eyes see, like a personal DVR, to savor it a little more, freeze that moment and show it to our loved ones ?

( *Google Glass, we are waiting for you!)

In our long road trip, there are hundred such little moments that we wish we could take a picture or video to share it but those moments pass so quickly. Perhaps that’s why they insist on each one making their own journey to find out what it’s all about. Some things have to be experienced than taught or shared in Facebook.

Highway Butterflies is one such phenomenon. They flutter in front of your windshield in bright yellow or dark blue with unique patterns and all you can do is just watch them as they vanish in a second. We have seen not one but probably hundreds of butterflies in our 2000kms so far.

They make you wonder, why did you come this way ? You could get hit by a truck or a speeding car. It’s a dangerous path filled with turbulence of every kind of vehicle. Our little Rickshaw wobbles and moves sideways every time a big truck passes by due to turbulence. Imagine this little beauty trying to cross the highway knowing about all the dangers that lie ahead.

Perhaps her family lives on the other side of the road and she went out in the morning to get food and is now returning to feed them. Perhaps she is trying to say, this is my land and you Humans are encroaching it and I am not going to let you win or maybe they are just having fun spotting the big dark eye brows going up as we stare at them pass by. I an sure they can be full of vanity.

Maybe it’s human nature to find a reason for why insects and animals do certain things .They,on the other hand, don’t bother with Why’s, What’s and Who’s. They just live in the moment without attaching to past or future.

I guess that’s a lesson we all can learn from these gorgeous Butterflies of the highway!