Unlike in a vacation spot, you can’t give the camera to someone to take a picture of all three of us-Road General,Rickshaw Rookie and CoCo while on the road. In most places, we don’t find anyone to give it to, to take a picture of all three of us.

So we have been doing the 1-2-3-4 procedure which has been pretty much nailed after 8 days on the road.

1- Stop, take picture of CoCo alone
2- Rakesh posing with CoCo
3- Rama posing with CoCo
4- Get the hell outta there before a truck or Bus busts our ears.

Although we try to do all three steps, it’s not practical to stop the traffic so we could pose(Not that we haven’t tried ;)). So in some instances, it will just be CoCo and whoever is the driver at that time.

Here is a sample. We probably need to name this as a series as we have quite a bit of them to share.