Distance covered today: 289kms
Overall distance traveled: 3284kms

When we set out from the last fuel stop, we hoped to make Raigunj – some 80kms away. We had hardly covered 5kms on the pothole highway, that too going through the town of Malda, and it was dark. I decided, while disappointed that we couldn’t put in some distance, that it would be safer to stop in Malda itself and then try push early tomorrow.

We found a hotel right on the highway. Pretty decent. When we checked in we were told that two other teams had also checked in. Two Australian teams. We later met them over dinner and exchanged the horrible opinions on the NH34.

The plan tomorrow will be to try and push for Siliguri, 250kms. Small enough number but with the bad roads it might be a long day again!

~ Rakesh