The plan today is to get to Siliguri. From what we’ve been told, this is going to be another long slow day. Add the potential 80% chance of Thunderstorms and the hilly roads as we get closer to Siliguri. The day just got longer and slower.

The two Australian teams left at 6:10am and we now drive out of the hotel at 6:50am. Somehow we, or rather our bodies seem to read 6:30 as 6:50! Wonder why?

This is a good time to start out. It’s still pleasant with roads relatively empty. Can’t say much about the noise though. Just takes a couple of buses to blast past with their ear piercing air horns to jolt us back from the pleasant morning to reality. We’re on a Rickshaw Run.

Rama is at the helm this morning. We’ll swap over in about 90mins – when we break for a chai, hopefully.

We trundle on.

~ Rakesh