Even though we visited Konark,Sun temple, a couple of days ago, the image of towering landing gear didn’t escape my mind. I am a huge fan of the program “Ancient Aliens” in History channel. I strongly believe our Gods and Goddesses are people from outer space who visited this planet thousands of years ago and probably do so every century. The astronomical accuracy of structures like Pyramids, Stone Henge and Machu Pichu makes you wonder about the technology and significance of their location.

Sun Temple looked very similar to a space ship landing site. We didn’t have time to take a guide and understand the various aspects of the accuracy of its shape and measurements but going through Wikipedia(unverified article according to Wiki), they are supposedly perfect in each direction and had a massive Magnet that held the structure together. Now, anytime you hear the word “massive magnet” , it means it’s an instrument for direction,aka, in my mind, direction for whom ? For me, it’s who else would need an aerial landing site built 1000yrs ago!

Apart from my alien theory, the architecture was breathtaking. Like Khajuraho(which we haven’t seen but heard about), the structure was filled with erotic poses. Uninhibited, beautifully carved,tasteful statues all around the temple. I spotted the famous Wheel that we had seen only in “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara”(old national integration song). The temple was built as a chariot for Sun God.So it has 12 wheels to pilot him around the main structure. One of the most weird things you will see here is right at the entrance. A mythological Lion is “occupying” an Elephant which in turn is crushing a Man. There are two of these at left and right side of the entrance. I was freaked out at the piece and couldn’t stop laughing but after reading about it in Wiki, the Lion represents the “Pride” and Elephant represents,”Money” and when a man is consumed by both, he is screwed. I am glad the Elephant wasn’t “occupying” the Man. Little kids visiting this place would have been scarred for life. People who want to take their kids to this place should be prepared to answer the questions from them. So, use your best judgement.

We were very happy that we stopped by. Infact, we wished we had seen Jegganath Puri temple also. Someday!

Enjoy these pictures!20130416-104125.jpg20130416-104238.jpg20130416-104304.jpg20130416-104521.jpg