Coming through Siliguri, our original plan was to check in to our hotel and then come out and find a mechanic to check on CoCo CW and get any needed attention.

On the way, we came across an Auto Driver, Krishna. One of those ‘nothing to gain, nothing to lose’ tribe of people. He initially told us the directions. But then when a fare he picked up was going the same route, he passed us and told us to follow him and he took is right to Shambhu the mechanic. Krishna made sure Shambhu understood what we wanted done and carried on to ply his trade, this being the busy time for Autos.

Shambhu told us that it will take about an hour. Rama suggested we may as well get it done and then check in to the hotel and we can relax. So now we wait.

Rear axle pin changed.
Axle boots replaced and greased.
Rear shocks checked and additional rubbers mounted.
From Fork/Steering checked and tightened.
All cables checked – A-OK.
Engine oil replaced.
Gearbox oil replaced.

~ Rakesh