If we thought Orissa(Odisha) roads were bad, West Bengal seemed to be laughing at us hysterically.

It’s one thing to encounter bad roads for a stretch but whole other “ball” game to endure it for over 120kms and still another 150kms away from Siliguri.

I want to say,”NH34 should be crowned the King of Nasty Roads” but then, my brother lovingly called up to say,”It gets worse and you will be climbing up the hill”. Thanks Bro for the moral support.

On NH34, there is no left or right side. Just drive on the side wherever there is a hint of road or a pothole that won’t topple CoCo completely. And while you are applying heuristic logic to carve the least resistance path, watch out for that ear-busting horn of local bus which seems to be in more hurry than an Ambulance with an accident patient. Except, the local bus stops few feet in front of you just to prove who is the big boy in this area.

Among all the “Horn”-ers, the bus drivers seem to be the worst. It’s as if they have the horn attached to their accelerator pedal. So, when you hear that war cry, they are not only asking you to move (even if you are on the left most side), but they are also coming at you at the fullest possible speed in that road oasis.

At times like these, you have to use your imagination to get through it. I don’t know surfing but driving on this road comes pretty close to it. Except, am sure we won’t find these many waves to climb even in Hawaii. We are riding at 20-30kms per hour. If we get down and start jogging, we will reach Siliguri faster. And to add color to this adventure, Lord Varuna (rain) and Lord Indra (Thunder and Lightning) decided to show up for this party. Now, our heuristic algorithm has to calculate the potential depth of water covered potholes to make sure CoCo doesn’t do ‘a la Keanu Reeves Speed’ Jump!

We are already singing songs like ,”Hum Honge Kaamiyaab (we will succeed)” and “Humko Man ki Shakti de” (Give us strength of heart)” to get through this ordeal. Feel free to send us more such wonderful “spirited” songs.

We are having as much fun as possible as India is a country of hope. Almost at every pitstop someone keeps saying, “Good roads in just 2kms!”. That was 80kms back but then we realized their barometer must have been the roads before this oasis was probably built.

Siliguri- No matter how silly this “buri”(bad) roads are, we will see you today!