Just when you think the adventure is over, the Rickshaw Gods work their magic. To truly earn, you have to really suffer. Only then your ego will be humbled. As I posted the sunset picture, within minutes, CoCo said “No More!”.

We had just put petrol about 50kms back. It was really surprising why she would trouble us on this last day. Turns out we forgot to put the cap back on the petrol tank and it was left on top of CoCo to be carried by wind as we moved. Have you ever forgotten to pick up your coffee cup from top of the car ? (Or trash bag).

Honest mistake from our side and we paid dearly for it. I immediately flagged a van going on the opposite direction, bought enough petrol to last Kolkatta(no we are not going back on NH34) and found a fellow rickshawwalla to drop back at breakdown site. We filled her up,duct taped the petrol tank opening and she is up and running now.

For the cocky Chungas who were riding into Sunset, the hint of rain and driving in dark over hills will keep us alert until we reach Pinewood hotel at Shillong.

This Rickshaw Run is still on folks!