As I board the flight taking me away from the adventurous shores of India and towards the reality of USA an Atlanta, can’t help but look back with a rueful smile. At the adventures and a few misadventures I, Rama and the all important CoCo – CW went through together over 14 days.

We saw and experienced India and its varied peoples from a new level. From our eye level and not from the lofty heights of our perceptions and beliefs.

I got to witness another face of India. Whether it is the real face, I can’t really tell. But it certainly threw a new aspect, a new perspective at me. Many a times humbled by the humility, the simplicity of the people along the highways and bye ways we traversed. A face of India, I certainly hope, I have the opportunity to see again. Very soon.

Thank you, India! You, indeed, are !ncredible!

Au revoir, India! Till we meet again.

~ Rakesh