These are some of the few pictures that actually has me and Rama together. Otherwise, during the actual Rickshaw Run we had to take turns taking pictures. Rama and CocoCW would pose, I take the picture. We quickly do a swap; I pose with CocoCW and Rama took the picture. Often times, the best photo spots turned out to be on busy roads, and we would just scramble and try to finish the photo shoot and be on our way without causing more of the traffic jam than there already was!Coming back to this picture:
This was taken by our another RickshawRunner, Matt Dickens (of The Adventurists), the Head Honcho of the RickshawRun. During the ‘Finish Party’ in Shillong, a day after we had completed the run. This was when we received a ‘Special Appreciation Award’ for the only team of the 72 that took part, to have actually reached the Frank Water Charity location and spent the best part of the day there.

Team ChutneyChungas had set out from Cochin with a firm intention of visiting the Frank Water Charity location near Hydrerabad (there’s another bunch of stories on this little city here!). We had two main targets when we set out. One; to make it to Frank Water and Two; to make it to Shillong. After we left Ananthpur (Aahh, the endearing little town of Ananthpur where we sadly didn’t get enough time <sarcasm>), we made good distance and were expecting to have a quick drive through Hyderabad, a spot of lunch and off to the Frank Water location, by Sundown. But Hyderabad had other plans. Big plans. We got so seriously stuck in the traffic – it was a like a never ending maze. There was just no way out. Not in good time at least. But as we pass the hour of Sundown, we find our direction and are able to squirm our way out of Hyderabad. A nice wonderful stretch of highway elevated our spirits and speeds. We decided to stop for a quick dinner as it was already late, believing that with this good a road, we would reach our destination in no time. Dinner done. Off we set. We probably drove about 3kms and our world shattered. The elevated spirits became deflated, flabbergasted spirits. The nice smooth highway, gave way to a single track road full of potholes, and the gigantic trucks with lights that could light up the whole earth, piercing right through my eyes and playing havoc with the brain. With this onslaught of truck after truck coming at me, I was practically driving blind not knowing where the road was or which potholes to avoid. Many a time stopping dead in the tracks not running the risk of sliding of the road top and off the side. Needless to say, the going was very very slow. Excruciating slow. Depressingly slow. We finally made it to the Frank Water Charity center office at around 2am in the morning. Yes, 2am! When the plan was to be there around 7pm – in time for a nice warm meal and talk with the Frank Water Charity members. Thanks much, Hyderabad! Thanks much! The next days visit to the village where the latest Water Purification Plant had been installed and fully active and making a positive impact on the village residents, made the rough drive worth while and a day to look back upon and smile.

The fact that we made it under such circumstances, the ‘local chief head’ of a trophy that was the award we received meant something. More the appreciation and recognition with all the teams cheering and joining in with applause and pats on the back.

One of the moments of our RickshawRun.

And for those who might be wondering;


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