The Frank Water Project:

A few days after I left Shillong I met with a good friend, Dr Sarbjit Singh. And he asked me, “Why do a RickshawRun for charity?” And I answered, “Just donating money is easy and provides for a nice element of ‘feel good’ for ourselves. True charity, in my opinion, is when you have to step out of your comfort zone(s) and do something which does take a special effort and while not necessary, a little bit of hardship“. The Rickshaw Run provided us such an opportunity. I hasten to add, in all honesty, the adventure value was obviously a factor that helped us make the easy decision to sign up! As usual, I digress! The point I try to make here is that our visit to the Frank Water Project site was a test in itself. It was as if our resolve to visit the Frank Water Location was being tested and we were somehow being forced to change course – bypassing the location and heading on. But unshaken, late night – early morning we reached Warangal.

An early start; freshly cooked breakfast and per kind courtesy of the Warangal based BalaVikasa Charity organization we were provided a car to take us Seethampet to visit and see the latest water purification plant implemented by Frank Water. CoCo-CW earned a well-deserved rest.

Two-wheeler Experience | Seethampet

Two-wheeler Experience | Seethampet

While in Seethampet, we were to play a ‘role’ in a documentary/publicity video that Frank Water were filming for release in the future some time. (Sadly, the video has not yet seen the light of day. Yet. I add hopefully) The original plan was to drive CoCo-CW from Warangal to Seethampet. But the drive would have been slow and long and we did not have the luxury of either since we had planned to head out of Warangal mid/late afternoon that day. Instead, the script was changed, showing us arrive on a motorcycle ‘leaving CoCo-CW in Warangal to rest’. The picture shows us ‘just arrived’ after the ride in, reaching the Water Purification plant, with the ‘interviewer’ ready, mic in hand, to ask us about our journey so far. The Head of the village graciously allowed the use of his own motorcycle for the film. We were a little embarrassed since the Head actually considered it an honor that his motorcycle was being used by us. The short motorcycle ride was fun. We took a few minutes getting some pictures before riding in. Rama, riding on the back seat, had fun too and the excitement is obvious. The visit; The bike ride; The people; The smiling faces simply made the ‘testing’ drive in the previous night seem tootrivial.

A heart-warming walk down the Rickshaw Run memory lane.


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