On this day, exactly a year ago, my fellow Chunga Rakesh Rao and I were on the third day of our pan-India rickshaw adventure from Cochin to Shillong.

We started our Day-3 from Mysoreand were well-ahead of our schedule when we reached the overhead passage of Hyderabad at 3pm.

Hyderabad is known for Charminar, Biryani and their inimitable style of speaking Hindi mixed with Urdu. Charminar is a historic mosque built in 1591 AD. Its literal translation is Four Towers. It has stood the test of time for centuries and many say, the city of Hyderabad came into existence because of it.

For me, personally though, it was the most popular brand of cigarette with the picture of four towers in it that I had seen while growing up. The thought of taking a picture of our rickshaw in front of this historic monument excited us as we decided to drive through the city during peak traffic hours. We got stopped by at least two traffic cops and we got out by paying them the necessary bribes.

As we got for closer to Charminar, we realized it is one of the most crowded places on Earth. Our dreams of enjoying the architecture, taking picturesque shots in front of it were dashed in minutes.We decided that it is better for me to get down, click some quick shots as Rakesh drove near the Four towers.

As soon as I got down and started clicking as fast as I can in the crowded traffic, I noticed Rakesh was being stopped by two guys in a motorcycle. I had no idea what they were talking about but soon saw Rakesh waving me to get into the Rickshaw.

Turns out there was a series of bombs that exploded in Hyderabad just weeks before we arrived there. These self-righteous Motorbikers thought they were stopping a huge plot by stopping our rickshaw. They insisted that my friend can’t drive away in the most colorful, decorated Rickshaw in the whole city, leaving behind the “Goatee Terrorist” who was taking pictures of their famous monument.

Rakesh obliged and turned around laughing but it is one of the memorable days of our adventure. Getting out of Hyderabad during peak traffic hours to Warangal is a whole other story.

Hyderabad Diaries

Hyderabad Diaries



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