DriveDay 10: End of Day #rickshawrun #rr

Distance covered today: 289kms
Overall distance traveled: 3284kms

When we set out from the last fuel stop, we hoped to make Raigunj – some 80kms away. We had hardly covered 5kms on the pothole highway, that too going through the town of Malda, and it was dark. I decided, while disappointed that we couldn’t put in some distance, that it would be safer to stop in Malda itself and then try push early tomorrow.

We found a hotel right on the highway. Pretty decent. When we checked in we were told that two other teams had also checked in. Two Australian teams. We later met them over dinner and exchanged the horrible opinions on the NH34.

The plan tomorrow will be to try and push for Siliguri, 250kms. Small enough number but with the bad roads it might be a long day again!

~ Rakesh

DriveDay 10: Pitstop #rickshawrun #rr

Last stop for the day to top off petrol and also to refill our spare gallon of 7lts of petrol. This spare gallon has been more than useful.

It has been pitifully and depressingly slow today. Certain rural village roads were far better than this highway.

We now have about an hour of daylight if that and we’d like to get to Raigunj. Right now it’s a big ask.

~ Rakesh

DriveDay 10: Lost Treasures

DriveDay 10: Food Stop #rickhawrun #rr

After hunting high and low, we’re at the elevated heights, one floor up from the ground at Ruposhi Bangla Restaurant.

At this stage and location, the saying ‘Beggars can’t be choosers” applies!



1-2-3-4 Photo op! #rickshawrun #rr

Unlike in a vacation spot, you can’t give the camera to someone to take a picture of all three of us-Road General,Rickshaw Rookie and CoCo while on the road. In most places, we don’t find anyone to give it to, to take a picture of all three of us.

So we have been doing the 1-2-3-4 procedure which has been pretty much nailed after 8 days on the road.

1- Stop, take picture of CoCo alone
2- Rakesh posing with CoCo
3- Rama posing with CoCo
4- Get the hell outta there before a truck or Bus busts our ears.

Although we try to do all three steps, it’s not practical to stop the traffic so we could pose(Not that we haven’t tried ;)). So in some instances, it will just be CoCo and whoever is the driver at that time.

Here is a sample. We probably need to name this as a series as we have quite a bit of them to share.



DriveDay 10: Roof Rack Pitstop #rickshawrun #rr

Making decent time towards Siliguri. Will be touch and go whether we can make it there tonight. Highway’s been more decent than potholed, which made for some distance covered.

Just out of a town called Berahmpore, Rama spotted a welding shop. We quickly turned back and have had it fixed. Good as new errrr old!

All for a whopping charge of Rs 20!






Konark- Sun Temple

Even though we visited Konark,Sun temple, a couple of days ago, the image of towering landing gear didn’t escape my mind. I am a huge fan of the program “Ancient Aliens” in History channel. I strongly believe our Gods and Goddesses are people from outer space who visited this planet thousands of years ago and probably do so every century. The astronomical accuracy of structures like Pyramids, Stone Henge and Machu Pichu makes you wonder about the technology and significance of their location.

Sun Temple looked very similar to a space ship landing site. We didn’t have time to take a guide and understand the various aspects of the accuracy of its shape and measurements but going through Wikipedia(unverified article according to Wiki), they are supposedly perfect in each direction and had a massive Magnet that held the structure together. Now, anytime you hear the word “massive magnet” , it means it’s an instrument for direction,aka, in my mind, direction for whom ? For me, it’s who else would need an aerial landing site built 1000yrs ago!

Apart from my alien theory, the architecture was breathtaking. Like Khajuraho(which we haven’t seen but heard about), the structure was filled with erotic poses. Uninhibited, beautifully carved,tasteful statues all around the temple. I spotted the famous Wheel that we had seen only in “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara”(old national integration song). The temple was built as a chariot for Sun God.So it has 12 wheels to pilot him around the main structure. One of the most weird things you will see here is right at the entrance. A mythological Lion is “occupying” an Elephant which in turn is crushing a Man. There are two of these at left and right side of the entrance. I was freaked out at the piece and couldn’t stop laughing but after reading about it in Wiki, the Lion represents the “Pride” and Elephant represents,”Money” and when a man is consumed by both, he is screwed. I am glad the Elephant wasn’t “occupying” the Man. Little kids visiting this place would have been scarred for life. People who want to take their kids to this place should be prepared to answer the questions from them. So, use your best judgement.

We were very happy that we stopped by. Infact, we wished we had seen Jegganath Puri temple also. Someday!

Enjoy these pictures!20130416-104125.jpg20130416-104238.jpg20130416-104304.jpg20130416-104521.jpg









CC Quotes Series – Double Whammy! #rickshawrun #rr

Double Whammy is towns filled with potholes installing speed-breakers to safeguard the People & Cows in the remotest possibility that you manage to speed!

World’s Greatest Chai #rickshawrun #rr

We just had an amazing cup of much needed Chai! When the stuff is good, you don’t have to fill it with sugar and increase the portion size(that one’s for you,Starbucks)!



DriveDay 10: Chai Stop # rickshawRun #rr

Much needed break after series of broken patches aka Highway in these parts!


DriveDay 10: To Siliguri but not all the way! #rickshawrun #rr

April 16, 2013 | Tuesday
DriveDay 10

Plan is to get as close to Siliguri as we can. Rest up for the night. Put in an early early start and get into Siliguri late following morning.

This highway is really painfully slow. It’s going to be a long hard day today. When we stop for a break, I’ll need to ask around for a town/city that we can realistically target to stop for the night.

~ Rakesh



#Boston #Marathon

Just read the twitter timeline and its full of the horrible Bomb explosion during the Boston marathon.

This is just crazy. Sport is that thing that unites all people from different and varied cultures. Even that is not safe any longer!

DriveDay 09: End of Day #rickshawrun #rr

Distance travelled today: 305kms

We had hoped to put in at least another 100-150kms. A little late start, coupled with a longish stop for lunch and then the very slow NH34 allowed us just 50kms north of Kolkata.

It had gone dark. This National Highway is nothing but a two way street running right through populated rural towns. No respite from people, pot holes and the blinding High beams from the trucks coming at us from the opposite direction.

Such roads really puts driving to the test. Anticipation, quick gear changes, finding that fine line between going through potholes and trying to safeguard the Rickety Rickshaw from damage.

Prudent and wise thing to do was to stop as the first hotel that came up. And fortunately in about 15mins a roadside Inn loomed up. The Hotel PM Inn. Tacky Heaven!

This puts Siliguri out of reach for tomorrow night. Plan is to get as close to Siliguri as we can. Rest up for the night. Put in an early early start and get into Siliguri late following morning.

As we get closer, the mind plays with the numbers; kms / days / hrs and tends to succumb to a false sense of comfort. But the cushion of comfort soon evaporates into painful thuds of the slow, washed out, potholed, National Highways of India.

~ Rakesh


Highway Butterflies

How would our life be if we were able to rewind the parts that our eyes see, like a personal DVR, to savor it a little more, freeze that moment and show it to our loved ones ?

( *Google Glass, we are waiting for you!)

In our long road trip, there are hundred such little moments that we wish we could take a picture or video to share it but those moments pass so quickly. Perhaps that’s why they insist on each one making their own journey to find out what it’s all about. Some things have to be experienced than taught or shared in Facebook.

Highway Butterflies is one such phenomenon. They flutter in front of your windshield in bright yellow or dark blue with unique patterns and all you can do is just watch them as they vanish in a second. We have seen not one but probably hundreds of butterflies in our 2000kms so far.

They make you wonder, why did you come this way ? You could get hit by a truck or a speeding car. It’s a dangerous path filled with turbulence of every kind of vehicle. Our little Rickshaw wobbles and moves sideways every time a big truck passes by due to turbulence. Imagine this little beauty trying to cross the highway knowing about all the dangers that lie ahead.

Perhaps her family lives on the other side of the road and she went out in the morning to get food and is now returning to feed them. Perhaps she is trying to say, this is my land and you Humans are encroaching it and I am not going to let you win or maybe they are just having fun spotting the big dark eye brows going up as we stare at them pass by. I an sure they can be full of vanity.

Maybe it’s human nature to find a reason for why insects and animals do certain things .They,on the other hand, don’t bother with Why’s, What’s and Who’s. They just live in the moment without attaching to past or future.

I guess that’s a lesson we all can learn from these gorgeous Butterflies of the highway!


DriveDay 09: Food Pitstop #rickshawrun #rr

When we last stopped for petrol, the attendant suggested a nice authentic Punjabi Dhaba called Sher-E-Punjab, supposed to be 20-25 Kms on the way to Kolkata.

Off we set. As expected, the estimation of time and / or distance was predictably way off. Neither the Sher (Lion), nor the Punjab turned up. All of a sudden, like an oasis in the desert, this new ‘modern’ Dhaba loomed up, invitingly. Glass front, secure parking, the whole nine yards. How could I resist !

A typically ‘multi-cuisine’ menu. Long list of juices but just none of the fresh ones available. Restrooms (bathrooms or toilets as they are fondly referred to in India) are clean and without any unwelcome ‘fragrances’.

Seemed to be a good family choice of restaurant. There must be a nearby large town. That must the catchment area for customers.

The Staff outside told us that about 5-6 Rickshaws went by about an hour or two ago. I believe this is a convoy of Rickshaws which has been traveling together right from Cochin.

At the hotel we stayed at we were told that another Rickshaw team stayed at the hotel the previous night. A day ahead of us.

Seems the final stages is seeing all the Rickshaws converging to Siliguri. Which ever route was taken out of Cochin, Siliguri is that single point where every team will need to pass through. Interesting times here on in.



Horn-y story #rickshawrun #rr

Rakesh pointed out “HORNDO” Written behind a truck. We assumed it meant “Horn Do”. Truck drivers do spend a lot of time on the road and we knew they would “do” pretty much anything that comes their way. Within few minutes we saw “Awaz Do”. Since it’s a hindi word which means “Make some noise”, we realized, “Horn Do” is actually a Hinglish word meaning “Give Horn”. We were just happy that “Horndo” didn’t start with “G” as it sure sounds awfully close to the Hindi curse word.



DriveDay 08: Scenes from the Highway!







Smiles: Constructed!

Colorless Highways

Rocking the #RickshawRun #rr

I shot this video just as we were leaving Vizag for Puri. Rama is a pretty keen on music while we drive. I am too. However, I’d rather not keep fiddling with song choices. So I don’t really insist on having music while I drive. If it’s playing; Good! If not; Good. All good good! 😀

Don’t miss the creative shot angle and a single take! For that, ignore any fingers running across the lens! Surely, you can!

DriveDay 09: Kolkata and beyond #RickshawRun #rr

April 15, 2013 | Monday
DriveDay 09

After a breakfast discussion, we decided not to travel into Kolkata traffic in the Rickshaw. Depending on how we are doing closer to Kolkata, we will see if we can park the Rickshaw on the Bypass and head into town in a taxi for a quick sight see run.

If we don’t, then we head towards Siliguri. Distance to Siliguri won’t allow us to get there for the night. So we’re aiming for somewhere around the town of Farakka, West Bengal for our night stop.

~ Rakesh


CC quotes! Series | Odisha Smile #rickshawrun #rr

Nick, from The Three Wheelies, observed that Odiya (people of Odisha state) people have a very straight faced glazed look and don’t smile at all. An observation we agree on.

Which brought up:
“Odisha: Where our smiles are ‘under construction'”

~ Rakesh

DriveDay 08: End of Day Balasore, Odisha #rickshawrun #rr

Distance travelled today: 315
Overall distance covered: 1921
Remaining Distance to Shillong: 1350 approx.

Puri – Konark:
A very nice stretch of road to drive along. The road creates one of the borders to a Deer & Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary appeared to be well protected in the constant warning signs imploring people to avoid picnics and pollution, to drive slow in case any of be animals stray on to the roads. The stretch of road not bordering the sanctuary would swing out and run along the coastline, with washing waves and clean sand beaches. It would have been nice to have been able to spend some time, but we needed to push on to Konark.

The originally planned few minutes extended to an well worth hour. As written about in the earlier updates.

We then pressed on. We knew Kolkata was too far away to reach before nightfall. So we planned to stop at the next best location just around dusk.

Balasore, Odisha
Based on distance covered Bhadrak would have been ideal. However we were on the National Highway and the night driving was relative safer. Still with a high degree of stress. Next city, Balasore was a bigger town meant about an hour and half of night driving. Calculated decision taken. We aimed for Balasore.

It was Rama’s round to drive. He’s become quite a keen driver now. But being a night drive he’d be slower than I would and I didn’t really want to stay out on the highway during the night for longer than we needed to. Besides, the longer time to relax and recuperate would be useful. So I took over the driving and pulled into the hotel around 8pm.

The Three Wheelies:
On the way, we bumped into another team, The Three Wheelies. Sriyal and Nick. They had broken down with some clutch trouble. This team has really had a bag full of adventures. We waited till we were sure they had help from a mechanic and pushed on. After talking about our plans, they too decided to head to Balasore for the night. It was good chatting about each other’s RickshawRun experiences. Most of them humorous!

~ Rakesh




CC Un-Rhymes!

Arrived at Balasore, completely sore, a room without too much shor (noise in Hindi) and now, looking for place for sore (rice in Tamil)!

Lost and Found!

An adventure without being lost is just a trip!–CC Quote.

The journey from Vizag to Puri was supposed to be around 425kms. We pushed through pretty hard during the morning taking advantage of the wonderful highways. Hearing about breakdown stories and horrible parts issue from teams “Chang Beer” and “Pink” Auto at Vizag made us run to a mechanic to make sure CoCo is checked thoroughly. We were fortunate to meet the Guru-Sishya team of Ramesh & Ramu. Our journey was delayed by couple of hours but we knew that was critical check point for CoCo’s survival (and ours). Enroute we found another team being towed by a truck. Apparently their carburetor gave its last breath also. All these stories made us search for good sandal wood to just thank our stars but then, we were also more prepared.

As we crossed AH45, Google Map and Sygic India suggested two routes to Puri. One that would take two and half hours and another that would take close to 5hrs. I am sure you know which one we chose. It said go via Nua Jagganath Sadak (New Jagannath Road). Nothing could bring more smile to us than seeing the word “New”. Like everything else in India, we are a bit in a hurry always. We predict we will win the next World Cup. We have been predicting we will be super power in 20yrs for the past 30yrs. And so is “New Jagannath Road”. It’s not “new” yet but it will be eventually as there is a huge plan to pave the roads in this area.

We found out why this area needs roads pretty quickly. Sathupally to Rajamundry in Andhra was just a teaser trailer. This was the real show. Chunga “Road General” promptly took over the reins of CoCo and started guiding her one pothole at a time. They say when it rains, it pours. Within ten minutes, visibility went to zero, which means, no more guiding and choosing which pothole to avoid. And then, the perfect storm scenario happened. One cellphone went out of charge and remaining went completely signal dead. Now, we knew we can’t rely on cellphone signal. That’s why we had bought the Sygic Map App that works on internal GPS. The Odisha Gods gave a big smirk as our Sygic app said “no GPS”. Can’t pinpoint anywhere. Before it all went dead, we saw 20kms left to reach Hans CoCo Palms hotel in Puri.(Yes, we chose that because it was the perfect resting place for our CoCo).

You might think you can’t be alone in India. It’s almost impossible with one billion people.On this particular night though, you would be wrong. We couldn’t find a single soul on the “Un-road” as “Road General” weaved in and out of dirt roads with what appeared to be small water bodies on some curves.We were absolutely lost in the middle of nowhere with no one to ask for help and no one to call, on a road that hardly existed and took us nowhere for over two hours.

I saw the stars on the sky and remembered a wonderful quote that said, “When the lights go out, those who dream with their hearts, find their way through the stars”. At that moment, all I could say aloud inside my head was, “Screw the quote..Get me a damn satellite signal for my phone!”. Sometimes when you curse whole heartedly, the Universe listens. The GPS started working for just a few seconds. The map showed we were off. Way off. And within few minutes,we found some human beings. Living, breathing,talking ones.

We immediately stopped and was happy to see everyone spoke Hindi in Odisha. A fully drunk, stinking guy gave a big lecture about how we need to turn back. We weren’t going to take a drunk’s word until it dawned on us that he was right. We have been going in a patch of land for over an hour with hardly any life on either side. If we continue on this road, Chutney will be spilled fully before Puri arrives (Indian dish pun). We asked them to at least guide us till the highway as we saw a bike (motorbike for those in US) in that shop. They promptly got on the bike and started taking us through a route that even if Google, Apple and every other GPS company had headquarters in Odisha, they wouldn’t be able to map. Road General’s multiple shaking of heads as they turned in each hidden street said it all. Each turn meant,”HTF were we supposed to find this route to get to Puri?”

Eventually they took us to a long patch of road and told us to go straight. Mihir and Amar were the two gentlemen who guided our way in the darkness in a motorbike. Rakesh and Rama want to thank them whole heartedly and wish them all the luck.

The cellphone signal arrived in patches on this road as the GPS map said we were 18kms away. So, we basically lost the plot after exactly 1km and were on a circular journey in a different part of unexplored Odisha!

We made our way back to Puri as we realized how much different this part of country is compared to south of India. 65 years of independence and still no roads to majority of the people in this state.We arrived at “CoCo Palms” by the Bay of Bengal after midnight as an eventful day in the life of “New Jagannath Rickshaw-wallas” ended!

The folklore of “Lost in Odisha” episode will be played ad nauseam for generations to come among the Rao’s and Rama’s family:)




DriveDay 08: WakeUp Pitstop #rickshawrun #rr

Highway driving can be monotonous at best, boring and slumber inducing at worst. Even with the constantly changing natural & social landscape, after a while the monotony creeps in with slumber in tow.

Which is the main reason we need to keep alternating the driving every hour or every hour and half. The break would additionally help in giving cool down time to CW / CoCo.

This Pitstop is for some WakeUp chai and break time.

– Rakesh


CC Quotes Series Odisha #rickshawrun #rr

Under construction. Perpetually.


DriveDay 08: Roof Rack Update #rickshawrun #rr

Whenever we go through some bumpy stretches we are reminded of the brolen roof rack support. By the loud and irritatingly consistent squealing!

I decided to leave this as a status quo for now. And only get it seen to if we find a conveniently located – along our route – welder who can fix it.

We still have 3 strong and intact supports holding our two luggage pieces stowed on the rack. Some duct tape had been used to reduce the squealing. But it may as well not be there! Worst case scenario, if we have to stop using the rack the two cases will fit well in the passenger area.

With that reasoning, we soldier on turning a deaf ear to the squealing.

~ Rakesh



DriveDay 08: Lassi stop #rickshawrun #rrr

On the way to Bhubhaneshwar, saw this Lassi & Juice Bar. Had to stop to cool off and give CW some cool down time.

Special Lassi:
This is a very Odisha lassi. Bears no resemblance to the original Punjabi Lassi. Unwhisked, and topped with a melee of Coconut, Cashew, Bournvita powder (Yes, really!)

Taste nothing to write home about. Nice break excuse though.

Cost: Rs 30 ( $0.70ish)

Back towards Bhubhaneshwar and Cuttack.

– Rakesh



DriveDay 08: Sun Temple, Konark #rickshawrun #rr

Due to the luggage out in the open on the roof rack, and not expecting anywhere safe & secure to leave CoCo, we had planned to make just a brief stop for our visit to the Sun Temple.

Fortunately, I struck up a conversation with a parking attendant and had him literally tie himself to the Rickshaw to safeguard it! Which meant we could spend a leisurely amount of time taking pictures and taking a better look at the Sun Temple. We wished we could have got more time. But it was still a worthwhile visit.

Onwards to Bhubaneshwar, Cuttack towards Calcutta.


DriveDay 07: End of Day Puri #rickshawrun #rr

Distance traveled today: 453kms
Over distance covered: 2356kms
Distance Puri to Shillong: 1606kms approx.

We decided to get CoCo -CW looked over by a local mechanic in Vizag. That set is back a couple of hours. Another example of Indian timing. “1 hour, full service. No problem.” Which, in reality, was equal to the just over two hours that we spent. On the plus side, CW is good for a few more hundreds of miles.

Vizag to Odisha – formerly know as Orissa – is a National Highway Drive. Dual carriageway, divided. 2 lanes each way. The easy ride gave way to a bone rattler once we crossed over the state border to Odisha. Odisha roads (at least the ones we were on) seem to be
in a perpetual state of ‘Under construction’. Diversions, unfinished paving, potholes, concrete roads broken up… They have it all!

Once off the highway, we had to take some village roads to head to Puri. The going got really rough. And the rural darkness is darker than pitch black! We lost phone networks, GPS didn’t seem to work. All dirt tracks we were on looked the same and no road signs. But we were not getting anywhere. We finally found a few local folk and asked for help. Two of them jumped on a motorcycle and escorted us upto the point where we were on the right road leading up to Puri. Heaven sent. Truly.
We finally reached our hotel just past midnight. A good four hours behind schedule. But safe.

Tomorrow is likely to be a later start with a visit to the Sun Temple in Konark, Odisha.

~ Rakesh


CC Quotes!-Series -#rickshawrun #rr #googlemaps

Google-Please stop making “Shake to send feedback” as default choice in Google maps. You obviously has never tried to use your App while riding a Rickshaw!

DriveDay 07: Damage Report #rickshawrun #rr

We have our breakage. Nothing serious, but will need to be seen to soon to stop it from getting worse.

The left from support to the Roof Rack has snapped, just above the bolt that fixes it to the Rickshaw frame. Going over bumps we get a loud complaining squeaking that keeps reminding us. It’s resting by gravity in the lower section.

The organisers, The Adventurists, did warn us that it will break! Break it did.

~ Rakesh


DriveDay 07: Pitstop Lunch #rickshawrun #rr

The local intel was correct. Found a Dhaba – not run by any Punjabi – but a Hindi speaking local.

He accepted our request for fresh Roti and Daal Tadka.

Job done! Let’s lunch and roll!


DriveDay 07: Pitstop #rickshawrun #rr

Water & snack break. Looking for a decent Dhaba like place to eat a quick light lunch. Local intel tells us there’s a Dhaba about 3kms further. Let’s see if that’s accurate!


DriveDay 07: Will we make the Satapada Ferrry? #rickshawrun #rr

Our route to Puri today goes through a town called Satapada – known for it’s Dolphin Sanctuary. This particular stretch involves a Ferry ride across a narrow strait of water. We’re looking forward to be ferry ride. However with the down time while CoCo was getting serviced, our ETA into Satapada will be delayed. Which brings up the problem of whether Ferry closes for the night and, if so, what time the last ferry sails.

~ Rakesh

CC quotes! Series | Just the Indians #rickshawrun #rr

Before launch explaining to another team about the prevailing rampant lawlessness in the Northern Indian states such as Bihar, UP, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh regions. Told them how trains are stopped and looted by gangs!

They: “Really? So it’s like the old days’ Cowboys and Indians?”
Me: “Yes. Except that there are no Cowboys, just the Indians!”

~ Rakesh

DriveDay 07: Vizag Other teams #rickshawrun #rr

April 13, 2013 | Saturday | Day 07

As I came down for breakfast, I look through the entrance and find a ‘custom’ painted auto waiting outside with some tired and haggard, but familiar, faces. It was Team Chang!

They had come in to Vizag in the early hours of the morning and had put in some slumber time on the beach a la Beach Bums. Their Rickshaw had lost the exhaust or ‘silencer’ and made quite a racket!

Another team – Pink Rickshaw – we found and I later met briefly, checked in around 11:30pm yesterday and they seem to have some serious gear cable/gear box problems.

These teams will probably be holed up in Vizag for the day. As we crack on to Puri, via Satapada.

As I write this, sitting in the back, while Ram drives, I can feel the heat. Seems unusually warm today. It’s only 100° F, with a low of 74°F! But does feel pretty warm.

~ Rakesh


CC quotes! Series

Best one liner joke of RickshawRun- “He gotta speeding ticket!”

DriveDay 07: Honeymoon is over! #rickshawrun #rr

After the halfway mark, we decided to check all the nuts and bolts of CoCo so she won’t trouble us in the next treacherous part. As one previous rickshaw run veteran warned us, “Your honeymoon is over! The real journey begins when you get out of the good roads in TamilNadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.”

As we found out yesterday that when they say bad roads, it usually means no-roads. Let’s pray CoCo is up to the task. We are making every effort to make sure she supports us.

Thanks a ton to Ramesh and Ramu who is diligently working on CoCo to make sure we are safe and sound.

Once again the generosity of common man without expecting any gains helps us move forward in our journey.



Good Morning Vizag!

We are staying in a really nice Five star hotel in Vizag called Novotel! We wanted to celebrate our half way mark by enjoying a bit of excess compared to where we have been over the past six days. The room has an open glass window wall and as expected, we were woken promptly by this view. Well worth the motivation to start the next leg of driving into Bhubaneswar today!




DriveDay 06: End of Day Vizag #rickshawrun #rr

Distance covered today: 422kms
Total Distance covered: 1903

Khammam – Sathupally – Rajahmundry – Vizag.
On the map, it was supposed to easy going. Ram on the steering wheel. Until we hit a long patch of very rough roads. That slowed us down considerably. For Ram it was like graduation! He is now fresh into the the next level!

Once we passed Rajahmundry, the National highway was as smooth as silk. We were floating across almost.
We picked up some time on this stretch and pulled into the hotel at around 7:30pm for a well earned rest.

I have a sneaking suspicion that tomorrow will be a later than usual start.

Onwards to Puri.

CC Quotes!-Series

The tank is full and no open fields in sight and more potholes to follow! Tough luck!

This happens only in India!-Series


DriveDay 06: Thank you Andhra Lord for good roads to Vizag! #rickshawrun #rr


DriveDay 06 – Happy Grazing this Friday to Peeps in US #rickshawrun #rr


Chutney Chungas(CC) Quotes!-Series #rickshawrun #rr

“They said the roads between Sathapalli and Rajamundry was bad.I say they are absolutely wrong. To call it “Bad road”, you should first have a “road”.

DriveDay 06: Highway Sweetness #rickshawrun #rr

DriveDay 06: Off Roading #rickshawrun #rr

Between Sathupally and Rajahmundry; the going was pretty good until the Road Gods decided that we & Coco were getting too used to ‘good’ roads. So we get long stretches of unpaved, rock covered, pot hole laden, dust storm throwing ‘road’! Ram practically thrown in to the deep end of off-roading – in a Rickshaw!



DriveDay 06: Fuel & Tea Pitstop Sathupally #rickshawrun #rr

Distance covered: 83kms
Railway crossing delay and extended bad patched of road.

Some of the best teas come from little stalls like these!



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