Take a sip of these facts.

894 million people don’t have access to 12 gallons of clean water a day suggested by the UN to ensure their basic needs. That’s your average 6-minute shower!
~World Health Organization

Diarrhea kills more children than AIDs, Malaria & Measles combined.
~Joint Monitoring Program for Water supply & Sanitation

3.5 million people die each year from water-related diseases
~World Heath Organization

One-tenth of the global disease burden could be prevented by improving water supply, sanitation, hygiene & management of water resources.


What is FRANK Water?

Frank Water saves lives through funding innovative and sustainable clean water projects in developing countries. Communities are provided with safe, clean water by employing ultra violet and reverse osmosis technology to filter water and remove chemical & biological contaminants that cause diseases!

The projects are community owned and run, with a priority on community ownership, education and longevity. Each project is managed and operated by local villagers. An affordable user fee model is implemented to insure sustainability and achieve maximum community uptake well into the future. Frank Water has funded over 70 projects reaching over 400,000 people to date and aim to extend their effectiveness to improve public health and reach many more communities throughout the world.

The Science Stuff

Frank Water uses the latest filtering technology to remove bacteria, viruses and, most importantly, dissolved chemicals from the water.

Once a project is set up, Local operators from that specific village are trained to operate and maintain the facility.

The technology used has to conform to their detailed criteria, which includes that provisioned water is guaranteed to be safe, not just now, but even after 20 years in time.

Frank Water currently works with two main types of technology: UV and reverse osmosis.

It sounds complicated, and it is – but more importantly, it works and saves lives!

Frank Water at a glance

They don’t build water pumps or wells. They use innovative technology to make sure that the water at their projects is clean and safe. Project partners test the water on a regular basis to make sure that it meets international standards for drinking water quality.

All projects are community owned and run, and sustainable. Villagers pay an affordable amount per day and all fees are channeled back into the project maintenance and the community.

Twice a year, Frank Water visits their projects and their partners to keep a direct line of sight to the communities they work with.

Small is beautiful: Frank Water is a small team which means they can keep their overheads low and be transparent about where your money goes.

They have a robust partner identification process, which means that the projects have longevity – they’re in it for the long run.

Our participation in this adventure is driven by our hearts to do our bit in this world before the final destination. We would love your support and donations in our cause to make a difference in the lives of many unknown faces! Please join us as we rally together for a worthy cause and take a leap of faith into an adventure of a lifetime!

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